Lost And Found

Have You Lost Your Dog?


If you have lost a dog, you need to contact your local authority Dog Warden and as many local vets as possible. We also urge you to advertise your missing dog throughout the vicinity you live in with posters and a leaflet drop. Please remember if your pet has been found, to take the

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Have You Lost Your Cat?


Lost Your Cat? If you have lost a cat, please advertise your missing pet as much as possible locally and on petslocated. It is essential that people in your vicinity know your cat is missing. Cover a wide area and ask people to check sheds or garages in case they have been trapped. Also contact

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Lost Or Found A Small Pet?


It's always a good start to call the local vets, look on local Social Media websites (including the RSPCA Bromley And District Branch Facebook Page) to see if your little bundle has been found and somebody is searching for it's owner. The same would be said if you find a small animal who would

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Have You Lost A Reptile?


We aren't just about the cute and fluffy! As well as calling your local vets and looking on local Social Media pages for your precious reptile, there is an RSPCA Centre dedicated to reptiles. The RSPCA Reptile Centre is based in Patcham.  They are a safehaven for neglected, unwanted and stray reptiles within

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